What more do you need

What more can a man need!
What more do you need!

What more do you need? A rucksack with food and drink, a hat to keep the sun off, a stout walking pole, and a good pair of legs! Ah the simplicity of walking as a pastime, there is nothing better. The rustling of wind in the grass, the waving of the daisy heads, bird song all around, the occasional bleating of sheep – just gentle relaxing sights and sounds…….bliss.

That’s what I love about walking, the sheer simplicity of it, just putting one foot in front of the other and being part of the beautifully rich tapestry of countryside. This is especially true of backpacking when you set off from one point and aim for another over a number of days with everything you need on your back. That lovely simple routine of walk, eat, sleep, walk, eat, sleep, walk, eat, sleep……… In this day and age when everyone’s lives seem to be so complex and crazy, most of it our own doing, it is good to take some time out and simplify things for a time. There is no better de-stressor than spending time in nature and living the simple life.

I don’t always carry my walking pole, more normally it is one of the modern collapsible sort that attaches to my rucksack just in case the ankle plays up. However, when I want a gentle, slow walk with lots of stops and time to drink in my surroundings, my walking pole comes with me. Somehow, having that pole to lean on makes me slow down. The wooden walking pole is a thing from the past, as is the retro rucksack. They come from a time when the pace of life was slower and they bring that ‘slower pace’ into this modern age. Well, that’s my experience anyway.

There is a time and place for walking long distances, but there is a time also to just take your time, to focus on quality not quantity. A time to just wander where the mood takes you with no particular end in mind other than to savour each and every moment and to enjoy your surroundings. We miss so much when we tear through life just trying to attain the next goal – what was it the song writer, Paul Simon, wrote, ‘Slow down, you move too fast…..’

What more do you need!

Want to know more? Have a read of my blog post, Why Walk?

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings, and I hope you enjoy exploring with me.

Until next time,
Your friend
The Dorset Rambler

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  1. A very long time ago…I was given an old gorse stick, which I loved. It was really a man’s stick, but I liked having it, even if it was a tad long . It’s probably still serving its purpose…somewhere. I hope so.

  2. Great shot of the rucksack in the daisy field. πŸ™‚
    Yes, walking is fantastic and I don’t do enough of it (I am one of those people who does a lot of work in front of a screen) although I am taking a “home-holiday” break next month and there will be lots of walking. It’s the Okanagan Valley and very beautiful. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Lynette πŸ™‚ I should come over and do a bit of walking there myself shouldn’t I πŸ™‚ Just looked up the Okanagan Valley and it looks lovely! Really hope you enjoy your break πŸ™‚

  3. Absolutely right! I use trekking poles in the hills and a variety of walking sticks on lower walks. Best way to see anywhere is on foot.

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