The Rolling Dorset Countryside

The Rolling Dorset Landscape
The Rolling Dorset Countryside

Just a quick post as I am now back in Dorset after a few wonderful days away in the Brecon Beacons in Wales. This was a ‘Mountain Gazelle Club’ trip – the only MGC members are myself, my son, and my grandson, so it is a three generation family ‘club’ and we have some amazing adventures together. More of that in a future post perhaps.

This picture was taken not far from Blandford before we went away and I guess it typifies the beautiful Dorset countryside. As I have said before, we have no mountains in Dorset but we have no motorways either. We do have our very rugged parts, especially along the famous Jurassic Coast, but mostly it is made up of lots of rolling hills, some of which are high and steep. It is a beautifully rolling, rural landscape with lots of pretty villages full of thatched cottages. I particularly liked the way this shot came out and it is a good representation of what early spring is like in my home county.

I am glad to say that my cataract operation two weeks ago was totally successful and my eyes are recovering well. The only issue I have is that the glasses I use for my close work are not now very effective because they focus my eyes at different distances. It is too early to go to the opticians, that has to wait for another few weeks to give the eyes time to settle down properly, so things like processing pictures are not easy at the moment, hence my lack of posts over recent weeks. All being well, normal service will be resumed shortly 🙂 !

One thing that amazes me is the way that the brain clearly compensates when you have one good eye and one bad eye and how it gradually readjusts after the new lens is inserted. It reminded me of a film I saw at school when I was young. In the film, they experimented with volunteers who agreed to wear inverting glasses that turned everything upside down. After some time, their brains compensated for this and ‘corrected’ the view to be the right way up, and then when they removed the glasses, everything was upside down again until their brains once more adjusted and corrected it. In my case, everything seemed so bright and sparkling with the new lens, so much so that I had to wear sunglasses, but it is gradually balancing itself out.

I am very grateful that these days surgeons have the ability to replace lenses in such a non-invasive way and I am looking (literally) forward to getting my new glasses and to gaining a new, clearer view of life 🙂 !

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings, and I hope you enjoy exploring with me.

Until next time,
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