Social distancing without distance

In the Sand Dunes
Studland Beach before Coronavirus – it is out of bounds to me at the moment

As I write this post, I am thinking about everyone who is affected by Coronavirus…..and that surely means everyone! I really hope that you are thriving despite the current ‘new reality’ – it will last for a season and then, God willing, all will return to normal. In fact, I hope it will be a new normal and that after this time of anxiety and restriction has passed, the rediscovered sense of community and caring will remain. I hope too that this time of isolation will help people to discover a fresh wonder and joy in nature and the countryside – sometimes, you don’t know what you have until you lose it.

It all feels quite strange to me. I feel like I should be out and about helping people at this time, but because I am over 70, the government sees me as one of the ‘vulnerable’ ones which means that I have to isolate. It is probably the first time in my life that I have been seen that way and I confess, I don’t like it. It is another case of having a young mindset which means I have trouble accepting the age of my body 🙂 ! I might have mentioned that before 😉 ! We are blessed though, in that our daughter is home from India at the moment so we have her company and also, she is taking it on herself to do all the shopping etc for us.

Two in Isolation
Two in Isolation – a ‘scribble sketch’ with watercolour pens

I really think that it is times like these that we need to look for the positives and be thankful for all the small mercies, and there are so many of those. I am so grateful to all those who continue to help others, those who keep us safe, and those who try to keep life as normal as possible. I am grateful too for the way the community pulls together at these times, with neighbour looking out for neighbour, friend looking out for friend. I am grateful too for Skype, FaceTime and similar Apps that enable us to keep in contact with family and friends who don’t live with us. I am grateful for the spring weather which means I am able to get out into the garden, and for the greenery and wildlife that is all around.

I am grateful too that, for the time being at least, we can still get out and exercise every day. The guidelines may not be totally specific in that there appears to be no definition as to what ‘one exercise’ might look like – speaking of course as someone who regularly goes out for whole days of ‘one exercise’. However, applying the spirit of the law, I figure that at some point exercise, if extended for any length of time, becomes recreation, which is a different category altogether. I have therefore been getting out every day for maybe an hour or so, walking or cycling from home around my local area only. Although I really miss my long walks and rides, I am grateful that there are areas of woodland and heath around me, little oases in the urban sprawl, that can feel like open countryside. And there are always interesting things to see, even on the streets.

Little Creature on a Big Street
Little Creature on a Big Street – even on local walks there are things to see

One of the things I am loving is the quiet! With few planes, less traffic on the roads etc, the sounds of nature are more noticeable. One of the things I am really hoping is that this time of forced ‘low emissions’ will go some way towards healing our planet. I am also enjoying just sitting with a book, or with my paints and drawing materials, or with my fountain pens and journal. My painting and sketching is definitely in the category of being great fun for me to do but not necessarily so enjoyable for others to look at – I’m no artist. It gives me pleasure though and I’ve included above, one of my ‘scribble sketches’ which I did earlier this week.

‘To everything there is a season’, the bible says, and the only way through this is to embrace the current situation, to see it as a season, rather than fighting against it. I hope you are able to do that.

Stay safe everyone. We may not be able to walk distance but we can certainly keep social distance 🙂 ! And let’s remember especially those who are ill or who have lost loved ones to this horrible virus!

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my ramblings, and I hope you enjoy exploring with me.

Until next time,
Your friend
The Dorset Rambler

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  1. Beautiful and wise words. Thanks you. They very much echo my own sentiments. Valuing things which really matter and counting our blessings each and every day. I particularly hope that lessons we all will have learned can be carried forward – kindness, understanding, community spirit and an appreciation of what we can enjoy from our doorstep. Thank you again. Alan

  2. Welcome to the “over 70” group. My birdwatching is limited to my backyard and the sky above. Thankfully, I do get to see some birds. I am blessed to get visited by the beautiful avian wonders. Stay healthy.

  3. Welcome to the “over 70” group. My birdwatching is limited to my backyard and the sky above. Thankfully, I do get to see some birds. I am blessed to get visited by the beautiful avian wonders. Stay healthy.

  4. Lovely images – and a good message. I’m currently one of many Brits stranded in Australia but there are positives in this situation at present, while the UK seems to be really struggling with getting on top of the virus. We will come through and out the other end. Count our blessings.

  5. For me, the quiet is best part – and the thought that while we humans are indoors, the birds and other wildlife will be able to live their lives uninterrupted.

    I also hope some of the compassion and kindness that is currently happening will continue when all this is over and done with.

    All the best – be well.

  6. By the way, I remember Studland – on holiday with my parents, walking with my mum, I was always losing my beach shoes in the sand there! (This was in the 1950s).

  7. Some great pics / videos on this site. Do you take anyone on for work experience ?! Post Covid-19 of course, if such a thing exists…

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