Throwback Thursday – On the Streets of Paris

On the Streets of Paris
On the Streets of Paris

It’s not Dorset and it’s not in the countryside – just for a change, this is the city of Paris 11 years ago, and it was taken with an old Canon compact camera. This is my ‘Throwback Thursday’ shot for this week.

Picture the scene, we are having a day in the Montmartre district and we have stopped for a coffee, sat outside of course. This lady comes and sits on the seat just across the pavement with these rather expensive looking leather boots on, whilst an altogether different gentleman sits on the pavement across the road. My photographer’s ears prick up…….well, eyes actually……..! I can see a picture coming on, especially when the lady lays across the bench, so I quietly get up to move in position for a candid shot……..just as it starts to rain. By the time I reach a suitable spot to get my picture, she has hooked her foot up on the back rest and it is raining hard. A pigeon lands in the road and my shot is complete.

Because it was such a dull day, I had to use a slow shutter speed to get the shot and that has caused the rain to blur into streaks. It still amazes me that the picture is sharp because it was hand held, and in a day when image stabilisation hadn’t been thought of, at least, not on any of my cameras.

The picture is totally as shot, apart from sepia toning it because that seemed to suit the mood.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings, and I hope you enjoy exploring with me.

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