In an Urban Oasis

Beach Huts
Newly erected beach huts at Hamworthy Park

Another part of a local walk and this is a little oasis in the surrounding urban sprawl – this is Hamworthy Park. It is only a small park facing out into Poole Harbour but it is very popular, especially in summer because it is one of the few places remaining that has a children’s paddling pool. A lot of these seem to have closed because of health and safety issues and the cost of keeping them in good order, but this one survives. Not only that but the local authority has stumped up funding to refurbish it.

But the park has more than a paddling pool, it also has a small beach and quite a few beach huts, some of which are actually newly installed.

The Groyne
A groyne and a small beach looking out across Poole Harbour

To be fair, the beach is not the largest nor the neatest beach in the world 🙂 and most of the beach huts are quite old but this, together with a run down jetty at one end, is what gives the place it’s charm. Just wandering through this park in the middle of a walk, usually provides some photographic opportunities as well as some quiet 🙂 !

Beach Huts
Older beach huts on the sea front

Even if the opportunity is just a ‘boring’ catch and shadow 🙂 ! Not that that is in the least boring to me, I just see a work of art created by nature in combination with man 🙂 ! Its amazing what a what a small, highly functional thing can become when some bright sunlight falls on it. Art is all around if you just look for it 🙂 !

Catch the Shadow
Catch and Shadow – nature’s creative art

These are just a few pics from this park and there are many other possibilities there, in the playground, along the shoreline, on the playing field, in the water sports area, not to mention at sea – I’ve kayaked this part of the harbour among others. And there is also much more on the onward walk into the local town of Poole.

But more of that later…..

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  1. Thank you for this post and your lovely set of photos. Hamworthy Park is a very special place for both locals and visitors, waterspouts enthusiasts, dog-walkers and cyclists.
    I am one of the many volunteer for the friends of Hamworthy Park (we have a Facebook page if anyone is interested). Mostly this entails litter-picking, fence painting, gardening or making preserves and calendars for fundraising to go towards this charity. The community, when confronted with a council that wanted to pull out the paddling pool and plants, got together and raised around £38,000 towards the upkeep of it. The Council then could do nothing but put up the remaining £1000s towards the project. However the project is not without faults as the cheapest inexperienced contractor was appointed and paid in full up front by a councillor who also had little experience. Consequently the pool has many faults and does not meet the most basic health and safety standards for children. However the fact that the community were able to come together to raise that much in the first place shows how special the park is to us. Children, despite getting cuts and grazes, love the pool when it opens in the summer months and also don’t mind joining in with the fence-painting (child labour!) Our next project aims to stop erosion at the eastern end of the park.
    I might call on your good nature and permission at some point to for a photo for our 2021 calendar? Our 2020 is on sale now locally. Thanks again.

    1. Yes, that’s no problem, just contact me nearer the time. There are many parks all over Dorset but Hamworthy Park has a definite ‘community ownership’ feel to it which I think is great. I always enjoy walking through it.

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