The Underpass

In the Underpass
The Underpass – a portal into another world

I have been continuing with my plan of taking shorter walks until my ankle (hopefully) settles down again so I thought I would put up a series of pictures taken on these more local rambles.

I am starting with this one because I really like how the elements came together at just the time I was walking through this underpass on my way to Upton Country Park. The light was beautiful and reflected very nicely off a a puddle to throw those delightful patterns on the ceiling. The graffiti stood out well but even more, I liked the fact that there was some natural vegetation growing around it. And of course, you have the rather nice feeling of walking into the light, like walking through a portal into another world. To some, it may be a concrete monstrosity but I think it has a charm, maybe part of which is that it saves my breathing in exhaust fumes 🙂 ! I think the underpass was actually built to serve the local farm as well as the footpath, hence the reason it is always muddy 🙂 !

Incidentally, as far as my ankle goes, it is still playing up and I have sought medical advice which is………to keep exercising it! But in addition, to migrate to less weight bearing activities such as cycling, to try using pain killing gel, to wear boots to support it better, to ‘not get carried away with distance’, and, oh yes, to carry less weight! Those last two are going to be difficult since I am planning several more backpacking trips this year and I really don’t want to use baggage transfer 🙂 !

Ah well, its comforting to know that I don’t have to just sit with my feet up just yet 🙂 !

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