A Harbourside Walk

Seen better days!
Seen better days perhaps, but there is so much beauty in decay

Just a few pictures taken on a walk around Poole Harbour. I should do a full blog post on Poole Harbour because it is a pretty awesome place. In fact, many years ago I put together an audio-visual presentation (you know the sort, 35mm slides projected from twin projectors with a running commentary) entitled ‘Poole, a Harbour of Contrasts’ because that is what it is, a place full of contrasts and contradictions such as islands that are not islands, islands that disappear and so on. It is also a place full of ‘derelict’ boats……which I think are great! The one above is not completely derelict but it has seen better days, but I think it is amazingly picturesque – there is beauty in decay!

The Harbour Shoreline
The London train crosses Poole Harbour

Much of the harbour shoreline is marshy and cannot be accessed but there are paths around some parts which provide some great viewpoints across the various bays, some of which are given over to wildlife with many waders. Running across the harbour is a railway line built partly on a causeway. This is the main Weymouth to London line so is quite busy and it can actually make a good backdrop in photographs.

Red, white and blue
Red, white and blue – eye popping colours on a sunny autumn day

One of the things I particularly like to look out for on a bright sunny day such as this, is contrasting colours. The boat above caught my eye as the afternoon sun made that red stand out so well against the deep blue of the sea. It was a beautifully peaceful day, ideal for just having a gentle stroll with the camera……well I say ‘gentle stroll’ but it was actually a 7 mile walk. And then at the end, I picked up a bus to take me back home – well I do like to make use of my bus pass and it saves messing around with the car 🙂 !

I have a feeling I might be back with more pictures of this beautiful harbour in the not too distant future so watch this space 🙂 ! Consider this post a taster 🙂 !

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  1. This is on one of my regular walks. So sad the general deterioration of this little boats around Cobbs Quay on Holes Bay. No one ever seems to visit them apart from the gulls and egrets. When I first arrived a few years ago there were children playing on the blue boat that was stuck amongst the reeds. I was informed that this was the “pirate boat” that children had played on for a few generations now. Now that boat has virtually disappeared apart from one edge used by reed buntings.

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