In the Churchyard

Autumn on the Floor
A little bit of autumn on the floor

At the start of a walk at the end of last week, I stopped off at a church which is something I like to do, and while I was there, I had a wander round the graveyard and took a few pictures. The light was awesome, streaming through the trees like mini spotlights, highlighting the beautiful autumn leaves. The warm colours just seem to be very fitting against a backdrop of gravestones which often tend to be cold and grey.

Part of the graveyard was shaded by the church itself and there were tombs there that were laden with daisies. The softer reflected light really brought out the subtle colours and tones in both stone and flower – it just seemed very cohesive and as beautiful to me as the more spectacular autumn foliage.

Flower-strewn Tomb
Flower strewn tombs

The visit reminded me of a poem I wrote in a very different graveyard, one that was extremely neglected rather than well tended as these graves obviously are. I called it, ‘Who Cares’ because it seemed that no one cared any longer!

Who Cares

Who Cares!!!!
Who Cares? No one it seems!

Faceless names upon the stone,
No one knows them, they are gone,
Ashes to ashes, no-one there,
Does anyone care?

Loved ones once, when alive,
But all too soon, their time to die,
Leaving this earth, with mourners there,
People around to care!

Generations passed, all forgot,
No-one now tends their final plot,
Overgrown and in disrepair,
Does anyone care?

Who cares?

Its amazing the difference between a tended and a neglected graveyard. Both have their beauty to me but it seems sad that graves and the people in them are so soon forgotten. Thankfully, I believe, the grave is not the end!

Leaves in the Spotlight
Spotlit autumn

This was such a great start to another awesome walk and I hope you enjoyed wandering a little bit of the graveyard with me.

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time,
Your friend
The Dorset Rambler

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