A Little Bit of Autumn

The Coming of Autumn
A Little Bit of Autumn

I must say, I’m loving this late summer sunshine! Such clarity but with the typically fresher temperatures and a little Autumn nip in the air, at least early and late in the day. It is a wonderful time of the year to be out walking. The colours are just beginning to change, giving a hint of the full blown autumn tones that are to come.

I went out on another awesome walk yesterday, crossing King Down, circling Badbury Rings, and taking in a stroll along the famous avenue of beech trees. The day was still, and the tractors were out in the fields doing what farmers do at this time of the year – it was just a great ‘feel good’ day that makes you so glad to be alive.

In the Hedgerow
In the Hedgerows

The low, late sunshine spotlighted leaves in the hedgerows, a sight I can never resist capturing with my camera. A gentle rustling of the foliage and the cries of the buzzards circling overhead, together with the soft lowing of cattle in the distance, with the sounds travelling far as they do on these late, still days. All it needed was the crackling of an autumn bonfire to complete the warm glow of equally distant memories from youth, when life was so much simpler, when pleasures such as these seemed to mean more. Today, people have so much, but more often than not, more is less!

Ah, spending time in the countryside is something to be treasured, and something we should never take for granted, especially when there are so many people in this world who cannot enjoy such pleasures. Destroyed landscapes, pollution, wars, famines, water shortages, poor health, overbearing governments, and so many more reasons that make life so difficult for others less fortunate.

The simple pleasures of a country walk is something that should be savoured by all!

Thanks for stopping by…….and I will get to Part 3 of my Dorset and Devon Coast Path Walk soon πŸ™‚ !

Until next time,
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The Dorset Rambler

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  1. Sounds like a lovely walk, I’m using the dry weather to add some more colour to the garden by painting the white flowerbeds with terracotta paint. 😊

  2. Autumn is my favourite season.And for those of you in England, a gentle autumn is surely more appreciated after your summer!
    And you are so right in the need to appreciate and cherish these things.
    Having just hefted several bags of soil and spread a bale of mulch I’m going to appreciate a little tipple! πŸ˜‰

      1. I haven’t been there for years now and I know some trees have gone and others replanted. A tragedy if it was lost altogether,

      2. Yes, although we will lose it eventually as they are getting near the end of their expected life span. By then though the horn beams will be maturing and will make a new, albeit wider, avenue.

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