Woodhenge at Sunset
Woodhenge at Worth Matravers, taken on the day of the Winter Equinox

I’ve had some awesome walks and bike rides again this week……trying to make the most of these beautiful late summer days 🙂 ! This walk once again took in a stretch of the Jurassic Coast, finishing at the lovely Purbeck village of Worth Matravers just as the sun was setting, and I couldn’t resist taking a shot of Woodhenge with a bit of a natural sunburst 🙂 !

Woodhenge is a ‘caricature’ of its more famous cousin, Stonehenge, and was put up a couple of years ago by the landlord of The Square and Compass Inn at Worth Matravers, using old tree trunks that were to be used as fire wood. Originally he was told to take it down because it contravened planning laws but such was the public outcry that the planners ultimately granted retrospective planning permission so it still stands 🙂 ! And I’m glad to say, it has become a bit of an attraction…..as is the pub of course which is one of the best, and quirkiest, in the Purbecks!

Its not quite the summer solstice at Stonehenge I know, but there were a lot less people than there would have been at that event, and I have just realised that it was taken on the day of the Winter Equinox 🙂 ! Very appropriate!

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