Ramsons at The Dorset Gap

Ramson laden hillsides at The Dorset Gap

Just a few shots taken on a fabulous 17 mile walk. The day was beautiful and I planned a walk that would take in The Dorset Gap because at this time of the year, the woods there are laden with ramsons, also known as wild garlic. Those of you who follow me will know that I have no sense of smell, but people tell me that ramsons have a really strong smell. Well, there are so many on these wooded hillsides that the smell must almost be overpowering!

Ramsons in the Woods

The path that goes through here is part of The Wessex Ridgeway but The Dorset Gap, also known as The Dorsetshire Gap, is very much more ancient than that long distance path. It is in fact the meeting place of no less than 5 ancient tracks and drove trails that date back to the Middle Ages. Use over centuries has worn the paths down into Holloway’s, with steep banks on each side. They formed initially because there was a slight dip in the ridge at Lyscombe Hill, enabling ‘traffic’ to cross the ridge slightly easier at that point.

In the Fairy Glen

It is an area with many old features such as cross dykes, burial mounds, and a nearby hill fort. And of course, from the edge of the woods, there are amazing views!

The Dorset Gap
The Dorset Gap

Time it right and you can find ramsons, bluebells, orchids, cowslips, and much more here. And if you walk this way, don’t forget to sign the visitor’s book that is kept in a box at the spot. I signed it on this visit…….and the box was full of spiders that had obviously nested there 🙂 !

Whilst I was at The Dorset Gap, I shot some video which I have posted to my YouTube channel – there is a link here. Do have a look, it is only a couple of minutes long but hopefully it conveys something of the spring beauty of this wonderful part of Dorset.

If you would like more information on The Dorset Gap, I have previously posted a full blog about this intriguing place – Quirky Dorset – Part 17. Just click on the link.

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  1. Ramsons photos excellent. For some reason nobody much seems to know about ramsons, maybe because they don’t appear in towns, they swamp large area’s of country woodland though. They’re leaves are rather tasty with cream cheese.

      1. In the case of Ransoms the lack of a sense of smell might be a blessing – they tend to be incredibly pungent in flower

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