Ode to Dawn

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River Stour at Dawn

Ode to dawn

Dark, like a mantle, has covered the ground,
But the first dregs of morning have come,
Driving away the black with no sound,
And bringing new life and the day.

The mist as it rolls o’er the meadow and lea,
Covers each leaf with its dew,
The duck on the stream have stirred from their sleep,
And the owl has gone to his roost.

But man has not stirred to spoil this scene,
It is left to the wildlife and me,
To gaze on the beauty of God’s earth of peace,
Ere the noise of the day break the spell.

The sun has now risen far away in the east,
And the hustle and bustle of day
Comes all too soon, but , oh, may that peace
Remain in my heart always.

(Copyright The Dorset Rambler)

The wonder of the early morning when there is that distinct stillness, peace and solitude. Just the gentle whisper of a light breeze that caresses your face, the gentle trickling of the stream making its unhurried and winding way to the coast, the faintest rustling of reed on reed, the intangible hint of mist that drifts past your eyes like a gossamer that is almost invisible, the near silence and wonderful aloneness. These are the joys of the early morning till gradually and distantly, the first light noises of man’s stirring drift into earshot, slowly increasing as the sun rises in the sky to drive the magic away.

Oh to be able to capture that mysterious and un-capturable dawn specialness, to be able to carry it into the day to ward off the hustle and bustle of normal life, to have a mind in the early dawn meadows even whilst in the heat of the mid-day.

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The Dorset Rambler

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  1. Beautifully written and observed! I meant to get up at dawn today to make the most of the frosty morning but I’m ashamed to say I went back to bed. I’m glad you had the magical encounter I’d imagined – reading about it is almost like being there 😊

      1. Beautiful and very like it is. A little Wordsworthian in it”s theme. Turner was a bit the same in some of his paintings of the sun, especially the early morning.

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