The Dorset Rambler joins the 21st Century :)

Yes, its true, I now have a Twitter feed – it is @adorsetrambler and I will be using it to post pictures and interesting things from my many and varied walks around Dorset and beyond.  So if you fancy joining me on my walks without leaving your seat, follow me on @adorsetrambler :)!

I have realised that it is a long time since I posted a full blog entry but I will do so very soon.  In fact I have been planning and preparing for my latest back pack adventure – I will be walking the Wainwright Coast to Coast at the end of this month.  It is a trail that is nearly 200 miles long running from St Bees in Cumbria to Robin’s Hood Bay in North Yorkshire and takes in three National Parks as well as crossing the Pennines. Mobile phone signal and battery permitting, I will be tweeting throughout the walk, and of course I will blog the whole walk afterwards.

I have continued to walk nearly every day and so far this year I have covered nearly 700 miles.  This week the weather has been particularly spring like with bright sunshine so here are a couple of pictures that I took on a wonderful walk along the coast – well I had to walk this stretch because I needed lots of hill climbing practice :)!

On a Misty Morning

The shot above was taken from the top of Bat’s Head looking east and there was a lovely atmospheric light caused by the sea fret blowing in farther along the coast.

Sea Fret on the Dorset Coast

The shot above was taken from further along at White Nothe, again looking to the east.  This is the view I had as I sat and ate my lunch.  Sigh, what could be better :)!

More to follow soon but in the meantime, I look forward to seeing you at @adorsetrambler.

Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time,

Your friend The Dorset Rambler.

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  1. Lovely reading about your next adventure. Looking forward to following you and look forward to your pictures.
    We too were considering it , so perhaps your pictures will inspire us !
    Good luck
    John & Liz from Clun.
    (The Clavell Tower people ! )

  2. Looking forward to more of your posts on the natural and pastoral landscapes of your ramblings! As always, I find your writing draws me in and gives me a small taste of the simple and natural beauty of the countryside.

  3. Can’t wait to read about your Coast to Coast adventure – hey, we were with you right at the start in the barn at Tarn Flatt! Ben and Matt

    1. Hey Ben, good to hear from you. Hope your walking weekend went well. I looked for you guys in Shap but couldn’t see you in any of the pubs. I’m currently sat in Richmond on route to Bolton-on-Swale my stopping point for today 🙂

      1. Hi Terry. We had such a great time. We were in the Kings Arms in Shap. We’re planning on the 2 days from Shap to Keld in September, as we’ve already booked the bunkhouse there for a weekend! Hope the rest of the C2C went well.

      2. I must be going senile – I looked in there but didn’t see you. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole walk……apart from the flat bit between Richmond and Ingleby Cross. Back home now and thinking about my next trip 🙂 I’ll be blogging my C2C walk when I get round to sorting out the photos 🙂

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