Wild and Wintry

You will know from my recent posts that although I love long walks, I also thoroughly enjoy shorter walks exploring my local area.  We have had some quite wild weather recently and I have taken the opportunity to get out and try to capture the essence of winter.  This week has included some long walks along the Dorset coast in gale force winds, pouring rain and THICK mud, as well as lots of walks over local heathland and woods.  And much more…….

The pictures below were all taken on what was a short stroll through a local park that looks out onto Poole Harbour on a really blustery and stormy day………just right for capturing the ‘contradiction’ of a summer place in the depths of winter.  There were just a few hardened dog walkers out and the odd sailboarder waiting for the conditions to become right.  Apart from that, it was just me and my camera 🙂 !

The biggest difficulties I had were trying to hold the camera steady in the very windy conditions, and trying to keep water off the lens, both rain and sea spray which was blowing everywhere!  Despite, in fact because of, the conditions, I had a fabulous time just trying to bring out the feeling of abandonment of winter in a summer place!  And of course I had a great walk too 🙂 !

On a Winter's Day
Stormy skies over beach huts


Lonely in Winter
The loneliness of winter




Out of Season
A playground in winter


Tete a Tete
Tete a tete


Empty – I wonder why!


Times Past
Memories of a once busy railway line


Mind the Gap
Mind the gap

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The Dorset Rambler.

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