Life Goes On

Life Goes On

Standing on a seashore looking out to sea, No one around, only me
On my own, sand between my toes,
Wind ruffling my hair and my clothes.
Just me, sand, sea and sky.

Till a boat glides by
On its way to who knows where,
Soundlessly, effortlessly it will get there.

It glides ‘cross the scape
With clouds in its wake 
Trying to keep pace
As if it’s a race.

Then once more all is quiet,
Its just me, sand, sea, sky,
And I wonder why?

A momentary glimpse of another’s life,
And me a glimpse in their lives.
What purpose, what’s left
But a fleeting memory
In the ever changing sea of life.

Path’s crossing and uncrossing
In fleeting transience.

Life goes on!

(Words and picture The Dorset Rambler)

I recently painted the above ‘lightning sketch’ in acrylics and it inspired the poem that goes with it. It just struck me that the way the yacht sailed across the scene, along with the clouds, before disappearing again, was very much like life. Our life paths cross with so many others daily, whether it be just passing in the street, having a brief conversation at a shop counter, in the course of work, on social media, lunching with friends, etc etc. Each crossing of paths, however fleeting, leaves something behind, and many of those help shape who we are. And the reverse is also true of course, we leave an impact on others. The number of people I have stopped and chatted to whilst out walking or cycling is countless, and even now I can think back years and remember those who left a positive mark even though I might have never heard from them again.

It’s a bit like walking across the beach, we leave footprints behind without even thinking about it. With people, those ‘footprints’ can be positive or negative so lets make them all positive!

Stay safe, stay active, stay wild, and thanks for stopping by to read my ramblings.

Until next time,
Your friend
The Dorset Rambler

If you would like to contact me, my email address is – comments and feedback are always welcomed.

All words and pictures in this blog are the copyright of The Dorset Rambler and may not be reproduced without permission.


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