Throwback Thursday – The Langdale Valley

The Langdale Valley
The Langdale Valley seen from the Langdale Pikes

For Throwback Thursday this week, we are going back 17 years to a picture taken with my first ever digital camera, a Canon G2. I think it had something like 2 megapixels and I thought that was great ๐Ÿ™‚ ! The quality of the picture may not be as good as today’s digital cameras but the memories of those times are wonderful.

Every year, my son and I would take off somewhere for a weeks walking in the mountains. Often we would head to the Lake District where we would camp in our little ‘blob’ tent as we called it (it was a small dome tent) at a campsite in the Langdale Valley – the campsite is in the valley bottom just out of picture to the left, hidden behind the rock face. From there, we would spend the week climbing mountains throughout Cumbria.

There were many awesome walks that we could do directly from our tent and on this day, we were walking The Langdale Pikes, climbing up via Stickle Gill to Stickle Tarn and then up an awesome scramble known as Jack’s Rake to reach the ridge top. We then followed the ridge all around the valley before dropping back down to the campsite again. I remember it was a really windy day and I think I managed to get this picture partly because the rock face was providing a bit of shelter – there were places where you had a job to stand let alone take a picture!

At Stickle Ghyll
At Stickle Barn in the Langdale Valley in 2003 – my, don’t we look young!

Having got back to the tent, we would cook dinner on our little petrol stove and then walk a mile or so to the Stickle Barn where we would enjoy a drink whilst sitting outside. One of the things I remember is walking back to the tent at 11 o’clock or so and still having some daylight to walk by, partly because we were further north and partly because there was no light pollution so our eyes adjusted to it better.

I have such wonderful memories from those days and what delights me even more is that both my children and I still walk together whenever we can. My daughter is not likely to be in England this year, but my son and I are currently planning our next adventures together ๐Ÿ™‚ !

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings, and I hope you enjoy exploring with me.

Until next time,
Your friend
The Dorset Rambler

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  1. The same as you I take my boys each year to the Lake District, recently we’ve done Helvellyn, Coniston Old Man, Skiddaw plus many others. They are probably nearing 40 or so Wainwrights now. They haven’t done Langdale yet though, although I have, like you I climbed Stickle ghyll up from ODG, picking off Pavey Ark, Harrison Stickle, Pike O Stickle and 4 others. Langdale is a fantastic walking area and heading there with children gives such great memories

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