Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Homeward Bound
What is down the path in 2020? Where will it lead?

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! I trust that your path through 2020 will be smooth and with some beautiful sights and sounds along the way. Look ahead with anticipation and wonder because you never know what is down the track.

As is usual for me at this time of the year, I have been looking back at the year gone by and looking forward, planning some adventures for the year to come. They may not all work out but it is good to have some ideas in the pipeline.

2019 was a good year in many ways but not so good in others. My walking has been slightly curtailed, mainly due to my arthritic ankles which have meant that for periods long walks have not been realistic. It does seem that cold, damp weather has an effect. However, I have actually had a lot more shorter walks, as well as my cycle rides that I have kept up throughout the year. Overall, I have covered nearly 2,400 miles on two feet or two wheels during the year, which is actually over 500 miles more than the previous year. On top of this, I now have two good eyes, having had my second cataract op during the year 🙂 !

On the Pembrokeshire Coast Path
On the Pembrokeshire Coast Path

In terms of backpacking trips, I only had one last year and that was a 4 day Pembrokeshire Coast Path trip with my son and daughter. That was a definite highlight of the year and we had an awesome time. My son and I go away most years together but it was great that my daughter could join us last year as she was in England for the summer. It was partly that that actually curtailed my trips away because if it is a choice of going away backpacking or spending quality time with my daughter, then she wins every time because she is not normally here 🙂 ! Of course, the ‘Mountain Gazelle Club’ had some time away as well and we were able to do some walking in the Brecon Beacons area as part of that. Although Sam is only 6, we still managed to get up Sugarloaf 🙂 !

As for the coming year, I have a number of possibilities for backpacking trips although I have yet to settle on which ones to do. Offa’s Dyke has been in my sights for a year or two now, as has the Two Moors Way and the West Highland Way. I have also long wanted to walk one of the pilgrimage routes such as St Columba’s Way in Scotland or the Cornish Celtic Way in Cornwall. On the latter, carpeted floor accommodation is now available in churches, halls etc so it may be possible to walk that one without the need to carry the tent. Then of course, Dartmoor is still on my list, and hopefully another wild camp trip along the Dorset coast. The Dorset Coast Path features in my calendar most years 🙂 !

A Bed for the Night
Wild camping the Dorset coast

All of the above will be subject to how my ankles progress of course, so I have started a ‘bucket list’ of lesser adventures, so if all else fails, I can still get my outdoor ‘fix’ 🙂 ! These, and my Dorset walks and rides which I intend to continue with, should keep me, and my camera, busy during 2020 🙂 ! And I have to say, I am really looking forward to it 🙂 !

So how about you? Have you made plans for some adventures in the coming year? If so, then I hope you have some amazing times!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings, and I hope you enjoy exploring with me.

Until next time,
Your friend
The Dorset Rambler

If you would like to contact me, my email address is terry.yarrow@gmail.com – comments and feedback are always welcomed.

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