Throwback Thursday – Helter Skelter



Helter Skelter
Helter Skelter – a very wet wintry day

I know its not Thursday but this is a belated ‘Throwback Thursday’ shot because I didn’t get round to posting it at the time 🙂 !

This was taken some years ago on Bournemouth Pier. Now, lots would say that wet conditions are not conducive to getting good pictures, but I disagree with that because often, rainy or stormy conditions can be better than sunshine. The weather on this day was awful, it was absolutely pouring down, resulting in the mirror like planking which was perfect for what I wanted. As I was composing the shot, this couple walked into the frame and as they passed me a few seconds later, they apologised for ‘spoiling’ my picture. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that far from spoiling it, they had actually made the picture!

There were of course logistical problems, the main one being that it was impossible to keep the rain off the lens and I lost count of the number of times I wiped the camera down. An umbrella might have sorted it but I needed both hands so I would have had to take an assistant with me to hold it. Despite all my efforts, there was still water droplets on the lens when I took this and I had to do quite a lot of work in Photoshop to clone them out. I was actually quite pleased with how it turned out in the end though 🙂 !

By the end of my afternoon’s photography, I was soaked through, despite wearing a waterproof. My wife had gone off round the shops and we met up and went for a meal which I ate sat in my wet clothes. It was worth it though – nothing gets in the way of a photographer and his art 🙂 !

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings, and I hope you enjoy exploring with me.

Until next time,
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