Back on my Favourite Beach……again

The Evening Tide
The Evening Tide

A few more pictures from my awesome walk at the end of last week that took in Studland Beach. These were all taken as the last light faded, creating the ‘blue hour’. For the first shot I used ‘deliberate camera movement’, also known as DCM, moving the camera from left to right as I took the picture. This has the effect of creating blur and an impressionistic appearance. It is not a technique I use often and it is a bit ‘hit and miss’ in terms of the results you get, but I rather liked the way this one turned out, especially with the monotone blue palette.


The second shot of the moon reflecting on the water was taken a short while after. Again, the low light has meant a long exposure which has caused the incoming waves to blur, creating a sense of movement. The shot, of course, means something to me because it takes me back to a beautiful evening at the end of a great walk when the reflection from the moon was dancing on the ever moving water. It might not have the same effect on you as you are looking at it simply as a picture, and a still one at that – one of the challenges of ‘stills’ photography is to try to capture the essence of the scene and sometimes it is woefully inadequate. Video with sound and movement might go some way towards capturing the real scene but even then, you won’t feel the breeze or smell the sea. Anyway, I thought I would share it anyway 🙂 !


By the time I reached the Sandbanks Ferry for my return journey, it was dark but I still managed to get a last shot, this time of the cars disembarking before I boarded. All these shots were hand held – fortunately with the last one, I could lean on the railing in order to steady the camera otherwise the whole thing would have been blurred, not just the moving cars, because it was quite a long exposure 🙂 !

It was great walking along the beach watching the light gradually fade to darkness. Everyone else had gone home so I had the beach to myself with just the sound of the waves washing onto the shore to accompany me. There’s nothing better!

This wasn’t the end of my walk though because I still had another couple of miles to go after I got off the ferry at Sandbanks. But I was in no hurry as I enjoy walking in the dark 🙂 !

If you missed Part 1 of this story, it is here.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings, and I hope you enjoy exploring with me.

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