On Fontmell Down

On Fontmell Down
On Fontmell Down

What an amazing week it’s been so far! Beautiful clear spring sunshine and enough warmth to get the shorts out again. With lovely pristine spring foliage on the trees and bushes, it all makes for some great photo opportunities……although of course it is far too nice to be sat at the computer processing those pictures at the moment.

I had a great 52 mile bike ride on Monday, although because I was on the bike, I did not carry my camera. Yesterday I followed that up with an awesome 12 mile walk around the North Dorset Downs, exploring some lovely villages along the way. This shot was taken towards the end of the walk as I crossed Fontmell Down. This clump of trees stands on the ridge and there is something about it that I love so I went and sat for a while on a tree stump, surrounded by the cluster of trees, looking out to this view…….and what an awesome view it is. And what better place to sit!

Today is another bright sunny day in Dorset although I am slightly restricted because I am on grandparent duties. Nevertheless, I intend to fit in another walk, albeit a shorter one, and later I shall be out in the garden showing my grandson one of those old country customs………how to whittle πŸ™‚ ! Its a good way to make the most of the sunshine, encouraging him to go outside, whilst learning a new skill……although at 5, he is a bit young to be trying it yet πŸ™‚ ! And its a great way to get him into walking as we will soon need to look for more sticks.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings, and I hope you enjoy exploring with me.

Until next time,
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The Dorset Rambler

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