The Shack……with a history!

The Shack
The Shack

I discovered a little bit of history last week on one of my walks – an old shack with an interesting past!

I’d rather not say where it was except to say that it is in the Dorset countryside, and I discovered it thanks to a chance conversation with a lovely couple who live nearby. I was exploring off the beaten track and fell into conversation with the couple who were in their garden and they pointed this old shack out to me. It was almost hidden by trees and was made mostly of asbestos, nothing more than a shed really, and a derelict one at that. But it is it’s history that was captivating.

Inside the Shack
A tiny living space with a makeshift table and cooking stand

I use the word ‘captivating’ because it is strangely appropriate – you see, this shack was once home to a German ex Prisoner of War! He was imprisoned in England during WW2 and when the war ended, he decided to stay on in this country, living in this makeshift home with just a small living area, and an even smaller sleeping area. And, of course, no mains utilities! There were the remains of a hurricane lamp and a candle holder but whether they date from the post war period or not, I don’t know. Apart from these, the inside was fairly bare with just what looked like a makeshift table and cooking stand and nothing much else.

Often with these sorts of stories, you might think they have been embellished over the years, or may even be just rumours, but this one is true. Some years ago, the couple I was chatting to noticed another couple looking at the tumbledown shack and they engaged them in conversation. The man had a German accent and it turned out this was the man who once lived there. He had married an English lady and he was showing his wife where he once lived.

The Secret Shack
Hidden amongst the trees

Its amazing what you find out when you are out walking, especially when you go off the beaten track and when you engage people in conversation. People are a mine of information and everyone has an interesting story to tell – one of the great pleasures and privileges whilst out walking, is meeting people along the way.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings.

Until next time,
Your friend
The Dorset Rambler

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  1. Terry, almost every time I search for anything Dorset-related, your wonderful blog comes close to the top of the search hits… and every time I read one of your posts, I discover something new!

    I’m fairly certain I’ve seen this shack before, some years ago, but I can’t quite remember where. If I happen upon it again I will take more notice – what a fascinating history.

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