Throwback Thursday – Clavell Tower on ‘Fire’

Tower on Fire
Clavell Tower at Kimmeridge ‘on fire’ 

I don’t usually do Throwback Thursday but I came across this picture and thought I would post it. It was taken some years ago but for some reason has never seen the light of day. It had been quite an overcast day with heavy clouds but as evening came, the clouds separated just enough for a glorious sunset to make an appearance, and what a sunset it was! It looked just as if the tower was on fire, and the lingering heavy black clouds just added to the drama of the evening.

That day, I did what I often do when walking the coast, I arranged my schedule so that I would reach Kimmeridge in time for sunset although to be honest I wasn’t expecting one. I was so glad that I had arranged my walk that way anyway! What an awesome evening it was.

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  1. It’s a magnificent sky. It reminds me of the sky in “Gone With The Wind” where against a backdrop of a sky like that Scarlet promises, I think, that she will never be hungrfy again.

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