In the Misty Woodlands

In the Misty Woods
In the Misty Woodlands

This was such a lovely morning! The early mist hung around a little longer than it normally does, probably because the sun wasn’t warm enough to burn it off. It created a beautiful atmosphere for my walk through the woods that day. With just the twittering of the birds to accompany me, it was peace personified. Even the click of the camera seemed an intrusion, but I am so pleased I had it with me to capture the scene. I always feel so at home and ‘present’ amongst the trees and I always have that amazing sense of belonging. On this day, I spent some time just sitting on a log drinking it all in – despite being winter, it positively glowed with life.

On a photographic note, I converted the original image to black and white and added a little split toning to produce the final picture above. My aim, as in all my pictures, was to recreate what I felt whilst I was there, and a straight picture can’t always do that.

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