Winter Trees in the Sunset

Tracery at Sunset
The tracery of winter trees in the sunset

I guess this kind of follows on from my previous post. I just love the winter trees, especially when silhouetted against a sunset sky, with that beautiful tracery of branches and twigs. They are like exploding fireworks, or spiders’ webs, but in negative. In summer, these will just be an apparent solid mass as foliage fills in the gaps, but in winter, you can see all the glory of the branches – this is their season to shine. Where in other seasons, all the glory goes to the foliage with its spring greens or autumn russet tones, winter is for the branches, the skeleton, the support network behind its more usually highlighted cousin. Hidden for much of the year, in winter they have their moment, their fifteen minutes of fame!

Winter Sunset
Evening falls as the light fades

These pictures were all taken last night at the end of a great day’s walking. The wind of the day had finally abated and the clouds of the day had cleared and it was a lovely evening to be walking. You could be fooled by the pictures into thinking that this was a quiet, peaceful walk but that is not the case as the dark circles amongst the branches betray. The rooks are nesting already and their loud cawing was my accompaniment on this last mile of my walk. To me, that is a good accompaniment though, and one that seems to typify winter.

Winter Trees at Sunset
The loud cawing of rooks was my accompaniment as I walked

The light did not linger long but soon gave way to darkness, but the shadowy presence of the trees remained as I made my way home.

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  1. Wonderful images. I can just hear the cawing of the Rooks against that magnificent background. Something deep and achitypal about that cawing.

    1. Thanks Don. That cawing takes me right back to when I first started backpacking and we used to camp in the woodlands with a rookery right overhead. The tent was a right mess in the morning though πŸ™‚ !

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