Colours of Winter

Keynston Mill
Keynston Mill on the River Stour

Winter in England is normally a season of dullness with bare trees and often cloudy or wet days, but on days when the sun makes an appearance, there is a surprising amount of colour. The shot above was taken on a walk in the Stour Valley near Tarrant Keynston. The old mill peeps out between the trees which are showing glorious colours especially when viewed against that lovely blue sky and river.

Keynston Mill dates from the mid 1800’s and was operated as a water powered flour mill until 1925 when it ceased operation. It is a substantial property with mill and house combined and it sits in a beautiful spot. The whole building, complete with remaining mill workings is now a private residence and part of a perfumery business. It has gone from flour to flower as the grounds have been transformed into botanic gardens where scented plants are grown and used as the ingredients in perfumes. It is a lovely place to visit as you can roam freely around the beautiful gardens……..and of course there is a cafe 🙂 !

The amazing colours of winter at Spetisbury

It is not the only colour in the area because crossing the meadows to Spetisbury brings even more amazing trees. It was a spectacular walk on a spectacular day.

On a photographic note, I used a polarising filter to bring out the full force of the colours and to darken the sky. Much of the colour would be lost otherwise in camera.

I am still very much behind at the moment after a busy half term week and I have lots of pictures to process. The problem of course is that I want to continue to make the most of this spring like weather so instead of sitting at the computer, I am out and about taking even more photos 🙂 !

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