More Winter Woodlands

Bark, Lichen, Ivy
Bark, Lichen, Ivy

I made another couple of visits to a small localised woodlands again recently, just gentle strolls looking for sights that caught my attention, and this is just a few shots from those trips. Most of the pictures were actually taken with my phone because on that day I didn’t carry my camera. These old woodlands are full of interest and full of things to see if you just walk slowly and look around carefully. Rush these walks and you miss so much. Often I like to just find a log and sit looking and listening, just being present and drinking in the sights, sounds and the atmosphere.


I thought the tree above was totally awesome! Those tangled roots just created so many patterns, shapes and textures, it was almost mesmerising. It made me think of a writhing mass of tangled snakes.

Character Curves 2
Character Curves 2
Character Curves
Character Curves

Even in poor light, the textures were amazing, it was just a complete cluster of curves and lines, like an elderly weathered face. This is the elderly statesman of these woodlands.


Some roots were covered in lichen, shining out bright green in the dullness with the trees themselves leaning away from the prevailing winds. It was a study in how roots, trunk and branches work together to stand firm against the elements that do their best to beat them down.

Nature's Contrast
Nature’s Contrast

Some trees had given way and collapsed but even then, fungi and lichen made use of the exposed root system to sprout and grow out of the dampness, the yellow contrasting strongly with the root and earth ball, like a textured full moon in the night sky with shooting stars all around.

I lingered long here on both these days as I had it all to myself. Normally dog walkers would be passing me by but not this time, it was just me and the trees, and it was wonderful. I left feeling fulfilled and blessed!

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