At the end of a winter’s day

A steaming flask of hot Bovril on a cold evening 

It’s funny really how it is possible to love all the seasons. The spring is great for the new growth and new life, the autumn is great for its awesome colours, the summer is great for its warmth and those balmy evenings, but I love winter too, especially days like this. It was bitterly cold in the wind and some would say a day for staying in and crowding round a fire but for me, those are the days to be out. I really enjoy being all togged up in my warm coat, woolly hat and gloves……and my pair of fleecy lined walking trousers and feeling that cold, sharp nip on my face.

And I love having my flask of hot Bovril with me, and finding somewhere sheltered to sit and drink to warm up. This was at the end of the day’s walk and I had already drunk most of my Bovril but what was left was still steaming hot as you can see so I sat and watched the sun setting before walking the last few miles and returning to civilisation.

Silhouettes in the Sunset
Lost in the moment as the light faded before me and the sky changed colour by the second

This was a magical evening, the wind of the day had calmed down a bit but the temperature had dropped a few degrees too and ice was forming on the puddles. The cold didn’t bother me though and I sat for some time lost in the moment as the light faded. It was a lonely place with no one else around and the only sounds were the cawing of the rooks. Two lonely trees stood silhouetted against the sky as if they were two farm workers passing each other on their way home after a busy day in the fields. They stood chatting, maybe looking across to me wondering who I was……or maybe they were admiring the sunset too. Maybe they were Robert Graves’ ploughmen plodding their ‘weary way’ home.

The cloud above looked like it was on fire. If it were wartime, I could have thought it was a zeppelin that had been hit because there were hardly any other clouds around. Just a short mile or two away there was an old, disused wartime airfield and that added to this picture. My thoughts wandered on…..

I don’t know how long I sat there as time just seemed to stand still but in the end, I just had to break my reverie and I continued on my journey in the gathering dark!

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