The Year in Retrospect – 2018 Day 3

Rolling Surf
Rolling Surf and Sunbeams

Having returned from our trip to Kolkata and Bangkok, it took a while to get back into routine again. There were well over 2,000 pictures to process, and probably as many thoughts to process too because the trip, and particularly Kolkata, had had an effect on us. Just seeing the culture first hand and witnessing the poverty and deprivation that exists, created almost ‘guilt feelings’ that we in the UK have so much. You could argue that we have too much and maybe they are actually the richer in some ways……but that is not a topic for this post.

Walking the Beach
On Studland Beach

In any event, January and February tend to be busy months on the ‘chores’ front because that is the time of year I try to do all the essential things that might, if left till later, prevent me going walking when the better weather comes. In addition, there was planning to do for my year’s walking escapades, a bike to service and so on. My philosophy is if you get these things out of the way early in the year, you are much freer to enjoy the spring, summer and autumn in the outdoors.

Beach Riders
Beach Riders on Studland Beach with Old Harry Rocks across the bay

I did of course still manage to get out for walks – in fact in the first two months of the year, I managed to walk 200 miles despite having lots of other things to fit in 🙂 ! Beaches seemed to be a feature as they often are during the winter for a number of reasons. In more recent winters, the countryside has tended to become quite boggy because of the climate changes resulting in more rain – the beaches of course are always dry. This, together with the fact that beaches are quieter in the cold months, makes beach walking quite appealing at these times.

Seagull Scavenging……I guess I must be eating chips 🙂 

One of the benefits of living in the south of England is that there are some great beaches within easy reach, and since I will inevitably stay away during the warmer, busier times, I ‘tank up’ on them in the off season 🙂 ! Usually you still have company with dog walkers, horse riders and seagulls never being far away.

Warmth in Winter
A flask of hot Bovril on the beach

In 2018, there were thankfully some crisp cold days in amongst the wet and at these times, my trusty flask filled with bovril came with me. There is nothing better than sitting on a remote beach alone, with a cup of steaming Bovril, whilst watching the waves roll onto the shore with that gentle swishing noise that is so relaxing. Actually, it is great at any time of the year!

Last Light
Seaside Sunset at Sandbanks

The pictures above were taken on Studland, Sandbanks and Bournemouth Beaches on different days. Horse riders are a feature of Studland Beach during the winter since there is a stables in the Purbeck village of Studland. That is also the wildest beach since it is surrounded by heathland. It is certainly the one I walk most, provided the Sandbanks Ferry that takes you across to the start of the walk, isn’t out of service.

A Winter Walk
The countryside in winter – near Badbury Rings

I have included one inland picture just to show that my walks weren’t exclusively along the beaches 🙂 ! This one was taken near Badbury Rings, another of my regular stamping grounds.

Warmer and dryer weather was coming…..but who could have predicted how warm and dry it would become during 2018!

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