On a Local Walk with an iPhone Camera


As much as I enjoy long walks, sometimes it isn’t possible, for whatever reason, to go out for the day. On those days, I get just as much enjoyment out of a stroll through my local woodlands with just my iPhone camera for company.


Recently I have acquired a set of those clip on lenses that you use with smart phones. I hadn’t expected much to be honest, but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the pictures. Obviously, this set up will not compete with my Canon camera and lenses but for a pleasant lightweight stroll like this, it was great……and the lenses weigh virtually nothing.

I guess this kind of continues my theme of The Dorset Rambler approach to equipment, although I am still experimenting with this in an effort to lighten my backpacking load. If you missed my first two posts in the series, they are here and here.


Today, I took my time, enjoyed seeing what was around and just played about with the iPhone set up, and I shot a video or two as well. I actually hadn’t intended to take many pictures, but when you are a photographer, its hard to resist!

Path Through the Woods

It was a very dull day! In fact, it was meant to rain although in the end, none came…….


……..which was just as well, because there was still plenty of the wet stuff around underfoot 🙂 !


All in all, a very pleasant and gentle wander, and this is just a few phone pictures to record it. Just goes to show that you don’t need masses of expensive equipment to get some nice pictures to remind you of a great walk.

Not that I am intending to give up my camera gear yet………….but who knows, maybe one day, especially if technology continues to improve 🙂 ! For the moment though, the jury is still out 🙂 !

Thoughts and comments are of course always welcome and I hope you all have a great week.

Thanks for visiting.

Until next time,

Your friend
The Dorset Rambler

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