The Coming of Spring
Spring? A daffodil in Winter!

We rarely get snow in the south of England 😦 but this year we have had two lots 🙂 The trouble is, I have been down with a bout of Flu 😦 So I completely missed the first lot of snow as I was bed/couch ridden 😦 ! Then over the last weekend, we had the second snow fall and although I am still not 100%, I was well enough to go out to get some pictures 🙂 The trouble was, the weather forecast! It promised heavy snow overnight Sunday/Monday followed by sunshine Monday morning – perfect right 🙂 ?

No, because of course, it didn’t happen 😦 ! When I got up this morning there was only the remains of the weekend fall, no fresh snow and not much sunshine either 😦 ! Still, I went out anyway to see what pictures I could find and these are the result 🙂 !

A Bit of Autumn in Winter
Remains of Autumn!

I set off and followed some local paths, looking for details to capture really since there were no great swathes of the deep white stuff that we love!

Winter Woodlands
Beside the Trail.

The local golf course provided the best opportunities since I knew no-one would have walked across it…..but even that was sparsely covered. Still, I liked the foreground grass in the shot below 🙂 !

On the Golf Course

And one of my regular spots provided a bit of an opportunity – I’ve put up the summer shot that I took here by way of comparison. Isn’t it amazing how the changing seasons radically alter a scene, ensuring that it never becomes boring no matter how often you visit. What is odd is that I have stood in almost the exact same spot for both pictures completely unintentionally.

Long Walk

In many ways, it was the hedgerows that provided the most interesting pictures – I just loved the patchwork quilt effect.

A Patchwork Quilt

And then, when I got back home, I grabbed a couple of shots in the garden 🙂 !

Melting Snow
In the Garden
Peeping Out
In the Garden Again

I know snow causes many problems on the roads etc, but there is something magical about it when you don’t need to drive and can get out on foot. These shots were all taken on a 7 mile walk and for now, that was enough for me. Hopefully, normal walking service will be restored soon 🙂 ! I have realised one thing though – I don’t make a very good patient! Its far too frustrating when you want to get out in the countryside but just aren’t able! Even more so when we get one of those rare snowy times in the south! Ah well, maybe next year 🙂 !

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my few snow pictures.

Until next time,
Your friend
The Dorset Rambler

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  1. Beautiful! If I hadn’t been laid up with a nasty cold/chest infection, I would have been out in it too, and would have been able to share some photos of snowy Essex. It hasn’t snowed here since yesterday, and the snow is finally going. but it is still too cold for my old bones. Hope you get better quickly.

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