Why Walk?

Just to follow on from my previous post, which if you missed it is here, and since Spring is approaching fast, I thought it would be good to put my ‘Why Walk?’ post up again.

There are so many positive outcomes from walking, both physical and mental, not to mention the simple enjoyment that it provides, and of course it is free! There is a walking magazine that set a challenge to ‘Walk 1,000 Miles’ in a year – that is around 20 miles per week. So how about it? You won’t be sorry.

If you want to know why I walk, and what the benefits would be to you, have a read of my post below.

The Dorset Rambler

Setting off for a destination, having only what you are carrying on your back and no real plan is true freedom

The poppy field For views such as this!

As you may know, I set up this blog so that I can share three of my passions with others, and one of these passions is walking. My motivation for sharing my walks is partly for the enjoyment of those who for health or age reasons are unable to get out into the countryside themselves, partly for those who do get out into the country and who still enjoy reading others’ experiences, and partly to encourage non-walkers to just give walking a try.

Some will ask the question, ‘Why Walk?’, and I know that some will be unable to see any benefits to something that to them might seem quite laborious and slow. There will be those who think only in terms of arriving and who…

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  1. Wonderful endorsement of the benefits of putting one foot in front of the other and seeing what’s out there. Thank you for your encouraging words and lovely photos. Where the third (landscape) one taken? Thanks Terry 😊

    1. Thanks Catherine, you are very kind. The third picture with the splash of sunlight across the valley is Great Fryup Dale in North Yorkshire. I took that when I was on my Coast to Coast walk.

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