To Capture the Impossible

Its hard to catch the mist in your hands! You see, you can see it and feel it, but you just can’t grasp it no matter how hard you try. Well, trying to capture the essence of Kolkata is just like that, almost an impossibility.

Impression - Street Food, Kolkata

The thing is, its in the air but not tangible. It is the buzz of a vibrant city, the atmosphere, the people, the history, the culture, the creativity, the free spirit……the traffic! Its the whole package rolled up into something amazing but that can only be felt when you are there because you need to experience it and drink it in. The camera can’t feel it because whilst it can ‘see’, it can’t hear, smell, sense, touch; and in any case, this ‘thing’ is like vapour that touches the soul.

The city comes alive at night, with busy roads, the buzz of traffic, the constant horns blowing, the busy crowded pavements, the heavy and warm air, the street food being served from a myriad makeshift stalls. I tried to capture the uncapturable, to convey something of this subliminal atmosphere in this shot by using blur to create a slight misty vagueness, a glimpse of a fleeting scene, and to create a sense of motion in this city that is never still. Because a glimpse is all you often get of ever changing scenes in this city.

Did I succeed? I really don’t know but I like the image nonetheless and it takes me back to that place, those streets.

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  1. Yes there really is a certain atmosphere, a feeling in India. Oddly I have a republished book by an ex-colonial administrator of empire, I bought in Jaipur, it smells exactly like and has the ‘true feel’ of India, I don’t often open it so as to retain it.

  2. Wow Terry thank you for waxing lyrical …you really do manage to paint an amazing picture …think maybe you should look at book publishing yourself !!

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