The Footprints of Life

– – – Exploring The Countryside and Lanes of Dorset – – –

Footprints to the Sea

When we walk, we always leave an imprint behind, whether it is footprints in the sand, bent over blades of grass, deep impressions in the mud, a tiny bit of wear on a tarmac path, a little rubber off our soles. We never walk anywhere without leaving something of ourselves behind. Sometimes these imprints are permanent such as when we walk across wet concrete and some times they are very short lived such as footprints in the sand on a dry, windy day when the breeze soon ensures that all traces of our passing are obliterated. But however long lasting, we always leave a trace behind.

Isn’t life like that? As we ‘walk’ through each day, do we not similarly leave traces behind as we touch other people’s lives? Whether it be family or friends who we spend time with, or people we touch more fleetingly such as the girl behind the checkout desk, the person we beeped our horn at, the postman who delivered our mail, the comment left on someone’s Facebook page, a smile and ‘hello’ exchanged on the coast path, the list is endless and varies each day. Some of these interactions will have a long lasting effect and some will be soon forgotten, some will be positive, and some may be negative, but there will always be something of ourselves left behind with each personal contact. We all affect each other in a web of relationships, fleeting or forever, as we pass through life.

Today we will have many such interactions, whether we run or stroll through our day, so lets make the footprints positive ones. Lets leave something good behind to enrich the lives of others. The world will then be a better place.

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  1. Very thoughtful and insightful, nice change. But can you explain the wave pattern in the sand in your photo that seems to run at right angles to the shoreline?!

    1. Thanks Catherine. The wave pattern is caused by the wind which was quite strong and was blowing along the beach from right to left in the picture. It tends to create that lovely ripple effect……although it made it difficult to walk into because of sand blowing in your eyes 🙂 Had the wind been blowing off the sea, the ripples would have been running along the beach rather than down it.

  2. Reminds me of “Footprints in the Sand”
    This is one of the articles id pause and think what marks did i leave to places i had visit and to the people i have met.
    God bless😊

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