Sometimes the smallest waves make the biggest splash!


It took me ages to get this picture!  There were huge waves rolling in and I had my camera focussed on this rock just waiting for an almighty splash, silhouetted against the sunset………and they all just fizzled out like damp fireworks.  Every big wave which promised so much in the end was found wanting as it failed to deliver.  In the end I took my camera down – well my arms were aching 😉 – as I could only see this tiny ripple heading towards the shore.  And yet that insignificant wave created this huge splash.  Fortunately I managed to get my camera up again and grab the shot just in time, and I could go home satisfied :)!

The moral of this tale is that we all feel like little waves and that everyone around us is making a so much bigger splash than we are, having so much more impact in this world.  But don’t fret, small waves often make the BIGGEST splash!  I know someone whose work on this earth only lasted 3 years but my, what a massive splash He made!  So to every little wave, just keep rolling and keep splashing, you may never know the impact you are having!

Be blessed!

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  1. Well captured and a nice thought. I do think if we view ourselves as insignificant in this world then we will think whatever we do, good or bad, will make no difference. You only have to look at the biodiversity of nature to see that it is the small creatures that have the biggest impact in keeping nature balanced.

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