Some Dorset Curiosities!

One of the things that always interests and intrigues me and makes a walk all the more enjoyable are those little quirky things I come across, and Dorset probably has more than it’s fair share of quirkiness!  These are the unexpected little things you just come across by accident almost.  Well, I thought I’d put up some of those curiosities today!

Like the skull below for example which I came across in Sturminster Newton just embedded in someones garden wall.  Not quite sure why!


And the post below that appears to be somewhat confusing to say the least!!


Or this somewhat unorthodox piece of parking!!  I was tempted to title this ‘Why can’t women learn to park’ but since I’m married, I thought I’d better re-think that ;)!!!  Lol, only kidding!!


And finally for today, I came across the old wartime bunker below.  It is on the coast near Mupe Bay and it is haunted by a wartime guard who it seems only appears when the sun is out!!  Really scary! I was just stood there looking in the bunker doorway with my walking pole over my shoulder when the sun came out and the ghost just appeared in front of me.  Fortunately I had my camera ready so was able to capture it!!


I have loads more of these curiosities which I will post from time to time.  I really hope I am inspiring you to get out walking in the countryside, you may be surprised and shocked by some of the things you come across.  Just keep your eyes and ears, and your mind, open and have your camera ready!!

Thanks for dropping in and for reading the ramblings of The Dorset Rambler!

The Dorset Rambler

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