People (and animals) do the strangest things!

It’s amazing some of the things you see when you are out walking, and often these strange things involve people…….and animals…….or people with animals!


I took the shot above recently on a walk across the MOD Artillery Firing Range……and yes, that is two walkers clambering over one of the tanks that I believe are used as targets.  The range walks are only open to the public at certain times because most of the time there is firing practice going on.  When the walks are open, the public are restricted to the footpaths – which are of course checked for unexploded shells before opening the gates.  These signs are specifically to warn people that on other parts there may be unexploded shells, so basically, if you want to live, keep out…….a fact that appears to have been lost on these two walkers!  Of course what then happened is that seeing these two clambering over the tank, others followed!  Am I being wimpy or is that a stupid thing to do?  I was walking in the area all day and I didn’t hear any explosions so I assume they got out safely!

And as for animals, I came across this character on another walk.


Although he appears to be walking on water, it is in fact ice as the trough has frozen over.  I have no idea how or why he jumped up onto the trough.  Did he fancy a swim?  Did he fancy trying skating?  I am convinced that his brain is not sufficiently advanced as to be able to understand the laws of physics as they relate to water and ice so I am not sure what was in his mind?  The poor thing was stuck though because it was so slippery that he was having trouble just keeping on his feet and he certainly wasn’t able to jump down.  It did leave me in a quandary though because there was a severe risk that the ice would break as the temperature was rising and I had visions of coming back later to find a drowned sheep!  So I thought I’d help him but whenever I went near, he panicked so much that it was just making the situation worse.  In the end, I just left well alone…..but I’m glad to say that I checked at the end of the day and he was nowhere to be seen.  Of course he may have drowned and someone may have taken him home to cook………;-)

The strangest thing about people with animals is the way dog owners don’t or won’t control their dogs!  Now I’m a dog lover and I like a friendly dog but it does annoy me a little when they run up and jump all over you and the owner just carries on walking.  Oh, and a pet hate on mine is those extendable leads – they are of course a great idea……..but not when the owner walks on one side of the path and their dog is on the other side and everyone else is expected to either practice their high jump or limbo dancing to get past!  Probably the strangest thing is dogs that are left to run free along the cliff tops like the ones below near Old Harry Rocks.  There are now signs up along this part of the Dorset coast saying that in the last year, four dogs have gone over the cliffs!


As they say, there’s nowt so queer as folk…..or sheep!

Thanks for stopping by and reading the ramblings (or is it rantings) af The Dorset Rambler!

The Dorset Rambler


  1. Defo “nowt as queer as folk”, especially in good old Dorset !!! In all the times we have been down to Worbarrow bay I have never seen anyone off of the footpath. I assume the cows that graze along there have cleverly designed bomb-proof camouflage coats !!!!! As for the poor ice-skating sheep, who knows what he/she was thinking but there again its in Dorset so anything is possible ;o) xxxxxx

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