And today’s subject is cows!

They’re great aren’t they, big and butch but normally they just chew the cud, happily minding their own business, and they ignore you…….normally!!  Once however we were attacked by cows!!  They walked past us and we carried on walking, not taking any notice until suddenly one by one they turned round and charged us from behind – I can’t remember how much lol!  No, they really did charge at us although they swerved away at the last minute……but for a while it was a bit offputting!


But bullocks, they are different altogether, they are nosy with a capital N.  They don’t ignore you – they come up and stick their noses right up to you en masse, trying to psyche you out………like young teenage teddy boys swinging their bicycle chains!!  But if you turn round and shout BOO, they run a mile!  I like bullocks though, I love the fact that they are so inquisitive!!


Whilst on the subject of bovines – notices like the one above pose questions in my mind when there is a public footpath running through the field.  Questions like ‘Are they allowed to put a bull in a field with a public right of way running through it?  Well they are……..provided, 1) It is under 10 months old, OR 2) It is not a dairy breed such as Ayrshire, British Friesian, British Holstein, Dairy Shorthorn, Guernsey, Jersey or Kerry, AND 3) It is accompanied by cows or heifers.  Technically the sign above is illegal because the word ‘beware’ implies that the bull is dangerous which can be seen as intimidating walkers.  Also, the recommendation is that the sign should only be put up when a bull is actually present.

Personally I have walked through fields with bulls in numerous times and never had a bit of bother – they are pussycats really :)!!

Thanks for dropping in.

The Dorset Rambler


  1. Teddy Boys with Chains? Now you are really showing us your age, When I was young, and out shooting, we had a similar experience with Cows charging us – However our jack Russell dog caused more chaos , snapping at their heels. It was total chaos and we had to discharge our shotguns in the air to get rid of them. A little extreme but very effective.

    Beautiful Blog

  2. I must admit if I ever come across a field of cows I will either refuse to go through them or find an alternate route. Im petrified of them!!! Its interesting research Uncle Terry, especially with regard to the “Beware” signs. Ive seen a few of these on walks and I always feel they are to intimidate the public rather than actually warn against a bull. However I wouldnt want to check this out for sure !! Much the same as “Beware of the dog” signs. However I love cows from the other side of the fence, especially when they come over and stand in a line :o) xxxx

    1. From my experience Theresa, cows and bulls are absolutely fine usually. I think it is only the odd occasion that they create problems. It is quite useful to have the walking pole handy though just in case 🙂

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