Another great day on the trail!

Had another fantastic walk today along the ridge tops with amazing views all around……..except I couldn’t see any of it because of the thick mist that covered the hills.  It was still a great day though!


This shot was taken with the G9 compact camera as I walked through the woods that covered the hill.  I sat and had lunch near here with a nice hot drink – needed on a day like today I think.  So here is The Dorset Rambler’s approach to drinks on the trail:

1  A hot drink – in winter I always think a hot drink is essential so my famous pink flask always goes with me.  My tipple is hot Bovril, so warming and with lots of goodness too to help the energy levels.

2  Water – in summer, I always carry a plentiful supply even though its probably the heaviest thing in the rucksack.  In winter I carry less but then I have my flask.

3  Never stop in a pub for a drink – well I just might get too comfortable!  And anyway, you can’t beat sitting in the middle of nowhere enjoying a fine view and listening to the skylarks.

4  Always have an apple in the rucksack – on the rare occasion that I have run out of fluids, I always have an apple to fall back on because there is a lot of juice in an apple.  After 20 miles of walking it can be a lifesaver!


Have flask will travel!!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love your pink flask, Terry!
    Great advice on drinks for walks, and what a lovely place to sit and have a break!

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