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From the blog

Dorset Past – Memories of Days Gone By

I’ve had some awesome autumn walks this year even though the countryside has not taken on its full colours yet. The clarity of the light, especially when the sun shines, is great and there is that … More

More Lake District Ramblings

I have so many pictures from our time away in the Lake District, far too many to post, but here are just a few more with some details of our various walks during the week. The … More

On Lingmoor Fell

I have spent many wonderful weeks over the years, walking in the Lake District with my son, Paul, and I cannot believe that until this year, we had never walked Lingmoor Fell! We always used to … More

The Wanderer Returns……

…..to the Lake District that is 🙂 ! Finally!! It seems to have been such a long time in the coming, probably two years or more since we booked our trip but finally we got there … More

It’s All About the Birds

Well, since I’ve had my telephoto lens, my local walks have taken on a new dimension. Before, I used to carry binoculars but since I have had the equipment needed to photograph wildlife, it’s amazing how … More

A Month in Nature…….kind of!

Well, January was a funny month! With lockdown, plus three separate spells of isolation due to Covid in the household, it meant that for periods my walks were extremely local i.e., my garden! But nevertheless, I … More


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